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Real Estate Press Release Format[1]

{Name of the real estate company} a reputed name in the real estate industry {a short introduction} The company has {what the real estate firm has done until now and what it plans to do in the near future. The topic of the Press Release}

{Real estate Company name} {Talk about their industry journey. Their} well known projects {Mention some of the projects of the real estate firm} earned a good reputation for {Talk about why the projects earned reputation…quality/customization/client satisfaction} The real estate company is now focusing {Write a few lines on what the real estate firm is now concentrating on} According to company sources, plans {write about the real estate firm’s new plans and projects according to trusted sources}

{Real estate company name} has announced that {write a few lines on their new project/partnership/plan} the real estate firm {add more details such as when the project/plan is scheduled to take off and complete}

{The impact of the real estate firm’s new plans/project on the real estate industry} {Is the new project developed for sale or rent…if it is a joint venture or partnership project, details on the same}

{Real Estate Company name} are saying {a few lines on their marketing. How their project is attracting attention} The project {how significant the project is for the firm}

Bookings {how and when the bookings can be made if one is looking to buy a property developed by the real estate firm}

Real Estate Press Release Template[2]

The following press release example[3] shows how to write a Real Estate Press Release:



Prince Developers Now Step Into The Commercial Real Estate Sector



{Prince Developers}, a reputed name in the real estate industry, {that was until now only into residential realty, has now stepped into the commercial sector.} The company has {developed several residential homes that include lavish penthouses, bungalows, budget homes, apartments, and villas. It is now eyeing the commercial segment as the company believes the promising economic conditions and industrialization will bring in more demand. Entrepreneurs are on the rise as well, and the people at Prince Developers are working in full swing to utilize the conditions to the fullest.}

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